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Brick By Brick

Putting it together...or more like trying whatever to make it stick together.

When I decided to put in #Marmoleum flooring for my #kitchen, it was a big decision. I love the look, but I had some concerns with the installation (and the lack on consistent information about the installation that seemed to be out there and seemed to be known by various installers).

Fast forward to over a month after the initial install and all my installation woes are coming true. I love the way it looks in my kitchen and the contrasting border that brings in that period feel. I do not like the battle I have been having with the floor adhering properly to the subflooring.

After the initial install, there were several areas that started to curl up - leaving large air bubbles under the floor. The installer has been great about trying to get it resolved - meeting with the #Forbo installation rep for the region to troubleshoot the installation problems. The theory was that the problems laid with the adhesive - and change to the formula for #California installs due to AQMD regulations. I have my old theories about possibly being on the shelf/roll too long or sections being installed that match that curve of the roll instead of go against it...but what do I know.

The install crew came back out and put more #adhesive in the problem areas and then spent a lot of time handrolling those areas (part two of the rep's advise) to make sure the flooring made strong contact.

When the installer left that day, there were already some areas that were starting to curl up again. He said the final recommendation from the rep was, you guessed it, #bricks. I had jokingly suggested piling bricks on when he told me that was the next step.

So my new kitchen floor now has piles of bricks stacked up in various areas trying to get it to adhere.

Bricks are apparently the magic solution. | Photo Credit: Restoration Comedy

I'm (beyond) frustrated with the whole process at this point. This remodel officially hit the six month mark last week. For a less than 200-square foot kitchen/breakfast room/laundry room area.

As we transition into Fall weather, rain has started to hit California. Normally, I would welcome rain in our really dry state, but with the flooring still not finished, the thresholds have not been finished, and raw edges are exposed. So my kitchen door is taped and tarped as we try to figure out a solution.

Bricks come in handy outside, too. | Photo Credit: Restoration Comedy

Anyone else had similar issues with sheet linoleum or solutions (are piles of bricks really my best hope)?

On the bright side - I finally have some outlets on the counter top and can plug in my favorite #toaster. Who knew a toaster could bring so much #joy?

Love my happy little Michael Graves toaster | Photo Credit: Restoration Comedy

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