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Floating and Flying Frigidaires - Oh My!

My 1938 General Motors Frigidaire clunks when it starts up. And, sometimes it is a bit noisy while it runs. The original owner's manual that I tracked down on eBay is great at touting the benefits of the Meter-Miser and providing tips on how to fit a whole turkey inside...but it was definitely dumbed-down for Mrs. Housewife to understand. And since there would never be any mechanical issues with it, why bother to include any? Just through in some recipes for tomato aspic instead.

Amidst some lazy Saturday lounging, I decided to troll the interwebs for anything 1930s Frigidaires, in hopes I could find something that would be helpful. And while it was not exactly what I was looking for, this gem has so many other surprises - and some helpful information in understanding how the motor is constructed.

I hope you enjoy the 21 minutes of 1930s marketing magic as much as I did!

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