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Merry, merry!

There could not be more appropriate caption for this cover art of the December 1923 issue of Life Magazine - "A Lady in Waiting" | Sourced from

The season is upon us! The December 5th, full-stop/cleaned-out deadline did not happen, as family descended for my brother's wedding, but with some late nights, I got back on track by the 10th for first visitors and then the most important visitor of all - the city inspector for the final sign off on December 12th.

All of this year's adventures inspired a twist on the classic Christmas poem below - so I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season with your nearest and dearest.

‘Twas the 8th day of April when demo began,

What a good time to start! I'd be on the Island!

I'd miss all the dust and the dirt and the grime

And come back home at the end when it’s done - just in time.

They'd demo the kitchen and get electric all in,

I'd be back for plaster and install new cabinets then.

I quickly realized things were not going to plan

As text messages came in while I was cueing the band.

“Just do what you can! Do the rest when I'm home,”

Was texted and shouted into the phone.

My grand scheme was quickly unraveling. Whose great idea was this?

I finished my gig on Catalina and went home to see what I missed.

The backyard was filled with rubble and the house covered in dust.

Those plastic tarps to seal off the dining room were a definite plus.

They'd uncovered old newspapers when removing layers of flooring!

This kitchen had its secrets, though most pretty boring.

The electrician had been silent for the past couple weeks.

Would he still show up on Tuesday? The future was looking pretty bleak.

Alas, a new “sparky” was needed right now!

The tile guy called in favors and got one to show up somehow.

A little hiccup arose in the midst of it all,

Which was remedied swiftly by an afternoon at City Hall.

Back on track we were finally making some speed,

But plans to save lathe and plaster were no sure deed.

With rough on electric and plumbing okayed,

Drywall, screws, mud and tape were the next to be laid.

Inspector, then subfloor, then cabinets, then paint,

Then tile, then lighting, then the flooring (that made me faint).

The appliances moved in and Poppa Hank’s fridge got a new coat.

While the contractors were at work, I was back and forth on the boat.

As thresholds were made and doors were put back in place,

It looked like this project was finally picking up pace.

Eight months later we sit, final inspection just passed,

I cannot believe this kitchen is finished at last!

Dishes are put away, cookbooks back on the shelf,

So glad this is the last big project (I pray to myself).

A few finishing touches are all that remain...

And memories of garbage bags and bricks to keep out the rain.

The boxes in the garage will eventually find a new home.

But, for now, I’ll enjoy a mug of hot tea with freshly frothed foam.

I boldly exclaimed as the contractors drove out of sight,

“Your check's in the mail - everything seems to have turned out alright.”

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