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Restoration Comedy

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

I am feeling a bit behind the times with this whole blogging thing, but I also feel like this is something I should have started, well, seven years ago when I first bought my 1926 Spanish bungalow.

In coming up with a name for this blog, Restoration Comedy seemed all but too appropriate. Sometimes all you can do is try to find the humor in the situations that present themselves during a home remodel - especially an old home. It also hit home with my love of theatre - and the skills that I picked up from theatrical studies that have been put to good use as a homeowner!

My goals here are to share some of the struggles I ran into (you're not alone out there my fellow lover of old homes), solutions or ideas that I have used, remodeling updates and old house resources. I've developed a list of several helpful ones over the years.

I am nearly six months into my current renovation project, but I hope to highlight some of the work I have already done, too.

So take a break from the (insert home renovation activity of the week here) that is taking longer than you thought it would, and enjoy.

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