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Daydreaming Already

While the dust on the kitchen remodel has barely settled and there's still a punch list of items for me to complete, I am already daydreaming about the next project. Maybe an intermediary project - something that is fully DIY, sans construction guys.

My old house has, according to building inspector, the "Ritz-Carlton of attics." Now, I don't now about that. I've seen some pretty amazing attics that actually have space for rooms in them, and I technically wouldn't event call mine an attic. It's more of a crawlspace, but it's a 972-square-foot crawlspace, so I guess it gets some bonus points there.

Insulation and "flooring" to make it a fully-functional storage space are a ways down the line - need to get the house rewired and remove the original knob and tube before that happens. But something that I think is doable is the access door to this space, which is housed in my hallway.

Baring the brunt of a few rounds of major construction where access to the attic crawlspace was needed, the access door has seen better days. It fits oddly in the space - and actually looks like it was a breadboard from some originally kitchen cabinets that were yanked out long before I arrived (high chance that it is).

Bread board turned access hatch? Time to fix this up! | Photo Credit: Restoration Comedy

I've always been one who likes the find the humor in things, if you haven't figured that out yet, and while gazing into the attic abyss the other day, I thought it would be great to have a skylight. And then reality sank in and daydreams were adjusted and then I thought what about trompe l'oeil? Now if your high school French and art memories are also a little dusty, trompe l'oeil is a painting or design intended to create the illusion of a three-dimensional object. A trompe l'oeil skylight would be amazing, but then my mind started to wander to trees, creatures and critters. And not that creepy trompe l'oeil that ends up in the MLS listing photos that nightmares are made of...but maybe something a little tongue-in-cheek.

I am not sure where this will end up, I have not found exactly the right fit yet, but in the mean time, enjoy some of the photos that are keeping my creative mind running.

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