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The Fridge Is In! ...Kind Of.

Big goal for this past weekend was to get my restored 1938 #Frigidaire OUT of the dining room and IN to its new home in the #kitchen. Now that the floor was done bubbling, this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I recruited dear old dad to come over with a borrowed #appliance dolly and we strapped the fridge in place, fought with moving blankets and drop-cloths, battled the dining room #chandelier and table and then, after a good 20 minutes, managed to barely get this beast of fridge moved three feet.

It was time to re-assess the plan, especially before the sheet metal corners touched the new flooring. After more battling and attempts, we ended up positioning it onto some large felt furniture movers and sliding it into place.

That seemed like the best idea ever and I plugged it in before we pushed it into its final home. Back the fridge slid until it kind of got stuck, I looked behind it and discovered the the industrial plug on the end of the new power cord was too long to allow the fridge to fully sit in place. Fabulous. So we pulled it back out a bit, turned it off and found a one-foot extension 90-degree angle extension cord on Amazon Prime that will arrive on Tuesday.

Special visitor this week, grease vent/microwave work and fridge on deck! | Photo credits: Restoration Comedy

In the mean time, there has finally been some forward movement on custom #thresholds for the kitchen/dining room transition and the back door. They are currently being stained/finished and hope to be installed this week, along with the new 6" diameter, 26-gauge steel grease/exhaust vent to connect to the over the stove #microwave. Just when I was about to call the inspector to try and twist his arm about this expensive re-venting situation, I discovered it was not him just trying to be difficult. It is actual #California state code that the over stove microwave be vented past the roof line. Even if you have a microwave that is self-venting. Who knew?

Tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of moving in to my #bungalow - my how time flies (except when your kitchen remodel goes on for seven months, four days).

Here's to having a fully functioning kitchen back by the end of the week!! Fingers crossed!

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