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Inspired by Scottsdale

Sometimes, in the midst of home #remodeling you need to travel for work (read: take any excuse to run away from the lack of a kitchen and piles of construction materials filling your living space). I was able to travel to #Scottsdale for some meetings this past weekend, and despite the early flight, it was a refreshing adventure with opportunities for inspiration by #art and #architecture - especially interesting #lighting installations and #concrete surfaces. Just because you're remodeling a #1920s #bungalow, doesn't mean you can't find #inspiration from the #Old #West and #contemporary spaces!

Check out the gallery below for some of my favorites.

Photos taken in Scottsdale, Arizona at The Saguaro (not pronounced how it's spelled!), Western Spirit Museum of the West, Skylanes Bowling and AZ88 | Photo Credit: Restoration Comedy

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