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The Last Vacuum

When I bought my bungalow, a HUGE selling point was the lack of wall-to-wall carpet. You know, that thing that parents and grandparents saved pennies to get as an upgrade to that horrible, hard, cold, oak flooring (!!!). It was obvious that at one point my house had survived wall-to-wall suffocation - which is likely what protected my floors from decades of wear and tear.

As someone with long hair, I was so sick of it getting stuck in carpeting and then stuck in vacuum rollers, so I was super thrilled not to have to deal with that ever again, and I happily got rid of my bagged vacuum, relying on the ShopVac for cleaning out the furnace and other household chores that suck. The hardwood floor was refinished and the contractor recommended a dust mop and microfiber mop and spray. But I felt like the dust and dust bunnies were no match for the dust mop. I don't have pets, unless you count the ridiculous amount of bizarre neighborhood critters that seem to visit my house, so I am not in a war against pet hair. I wanted/needed a hard surface vacuum, but I did not want to deal with the whole roller problem again. This year, I found this amazingness:

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet/Hardwood Floor Bagless Stick Vacuum - where has this been all my life?! Unlike regular vacuums, it doesn't have a roller - so no knot ball of dust bunnies, runaway thread from my sewing machine or long hair choking the vacuum. It is lightweight and has a decently long power cord - I can get through my house house only moving the plug once (granted, my house is under a thousand feet), but it is all hard surface flooring. It transitions easily from the tile in the bathroom, to the precious marmoleum to the oak, AND it has this super fancy V-shaped front edge, so it gets in a lot more closely to edges, corners and around dining table legs. And, it's bagless - so one less thing to worry about running out of and then trying to remember what size. If any of this above story rings true with you, give it a go - you can click through the link on the left to my Amazon Affiliate store and take advantage of that easy delivery to your door. This is the last vacuum that I plan to buy - and would even buy another if I had to at some point! Happy cleaning!

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