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Giving Thanks

Belated and overdue thanks to the customer service and product team at Kingston Brass. Last year, when I remodeled my #bathroom, I had installed all new fixtures. While I purchased these through House of Antique Hardware, they were manufactured by Kingston Brass. Since that bathroom remodel, I have enjoyed a warm shower in the morning. Not hot.

When temps dropped here in #California recently (55F is cold for Californians!), I found myself having to turn on the hot water of the tub faucet to get the shower water hot enough. Something was not right. I remembered this happening last year and previously blamed the new water heater's temperature settings. I had planned to increase the heater temperature...but was discouraged by the difficulty level of access to get inside the heater - the new #tankless water heater apparently operates under MARSEC Level 3.

After a couple of mornings of chilly showers, something in brain finally clicked - what if there is a temperature regulator in the shower faucet? I went online to download the product assembly guide and bright as day, there was the temperature regulator part noted. Armed with the assembly guide and some basic tools, I headed home bound to enjoy a hot shower the next morning.

I took apart what I thought I was supposed to, but could not get access under one trim piece to get to the regulator. Maybe it was just something I could adjust with a screwdriver from outside? Not a chance. Defeated (and facing another morning without a hot shower), I reassembled everything. At 10:30 PM.

The next morning, I planned to call the Kingston Brass customer service line to see if they could clue me in on the step I was apparently missing. The better part of the day flew by and I finally realized making this call was not going to happen. So on a whim, I sent a message to the Kingston Brass Instagram account. And you know what? They replied. Fairly quickly. With helpful information like additional assembly guides and more. It was late in the day and their parts department had already left, but they promised to follow up and get some more information to me. Suuuuuure.

The next morning I was surprised to have a series of messages from them. I was even MORE surprised when they sent a series of photos of how to disassemble the piece and a video on how to adjust the temperature regulator. These were all super helpful in seeing how this faucet was put together and what I needed to do to take it apart. And I couldn't believe that I was getting that level of service from a faucet manufacturer.

Awesome customer service from @KingstonBrass via Instagram

It took me until this past weekend to get back to the project and I was able to reference their videos and all the details they sent me to get the right parts off and get it reassembled. And then that first shower...heavenly.

So, much thanks to the Kingston Brass team! Customer service is not dead!

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