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The Joy of Broom Holders

If the art of tidying up is invading your home, here is one for you. As part of my kitchen remodel, my laundry room received a mini makeover - new paint, some (much needed) cabinets and new flooring.

Once this was all done, it was clear that the old standard of shoving brooms and mops into the corner would no longer do, so I set out to find a broom holder to solve my woes.

Go figure my local DIY store, Lowe's, did not have anything sufficient. Just when I try to shop semi local, Amazon drags me back with their everything-under-the-sun access.

After doing some broom holder research, I found the Feir Mop and Broom Holder. The added benefit of integrated hooks was something I didn't realize I needed.

Once it showed up, installation was fairly easy. One odd downside is that the holes for attaching it to the wall are not spaced at 16" on center, so they do not align with the framing. But, they do include plastic drywall anchors (although not enough and not enough screws for all holes).

That set aside, I was able to place two screws at each end and then two single screws in the middle - uppers all with anchors - and it seems to be doing the trick.

As far as holding things up - that seems to be going well, too. If you do not have a broom properly stuck in, it will drop out - likely in the middle of the night (as it did with me) and give you a good scare. But once you have it lodged properly, it is a hit.

I mounted this next to my washer so that the bottoms of the brooms are all hidden and semi-off display.

If you are in the market for something similar - check out the link to my Amazon Affiliate shop for purchasing.

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