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Quick Tip: Blue Painter's Tape

We all know that blue painter's tape is great for masking off trim and areas that you don't want to #paint. One of my other favorite uses is to leave messages for my sub contractors. Quite frequently, I am not at my house when they are, so blue tape is an easy way to affix a quick note, direction or question to a specific area.

With the recent #marmoleum project, it was also helpful to point out the problem spots that needed to be addressed - and with a Sharpie, jot a quick note specific to that spot.

Be forewarned - as easy as blue tape is to remove after a quick project, it does bond more permanently if left on the surface for an extended period of time.

Ahhh, blue tape. | Photo Credit:

Over the weekend, I discovered another interesting use for blue tape - child entertainment! I was standing in line behind a family that had a very entertained young toddler. When I realized what was keeping her occupied, it was a square of blue painter's tape stuck to the shopping cart. She could pull it off and stick it back on as many times as she desired - and it kept her busy while mom and dad did some shopping.

So next time you need to leave some notes for your crew, or entertain a toddler, keep this quick tip in mind and reach for that roll of blue tape!

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